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v5.0 to 20.2 - columns displaying as html source

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck Member Posts: 138 Blue Ribbon

I have an application that was exported from v5.0 on-prem and imported to v20.2 Cloud/PaaS/ATP. Just working on getting the pages to run properly.

One classic report region is showing the column values as html source instead of the values. I vaguely recall this happening in v5.0, which was corrected by selecting Display As: Standard Report Column under column attributes, but I don't see this option under v20.2. Can anyone help.

SQL source:

select apex_item.text(p_idx => 12, p_value => nvl(c002,'0'), p_size => 20, p_maxlength => 2) duplicate_qty  
, apex_item.checkbox2(p_idx => 14, p_value => seq_id, p_checked_values => CASE c003 WHEN '1' THEN seq_id END) analog_placement_flag  
, apex_item.checkbox2(p_idx => 16, p_value => seq_id, p_checked_values => CASE c004 WHEN '1' THEN seq_id END) delete_row
from apex_collections  
where collection_name = 'TEMPCOL';


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