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Performance Hub(Tuning Advisor) in Oracle 19c

Satyam Reddy
Satyam Reddy Member Posts: 297 Bronze Badge


I'm not sure if this is the correct group to ask this question.

In case if this is not the right group , please help me in approaching the correct group.

My query is :

In Oracle 19c Enterprise Manager Database Express, do we have any option of tuning advisor in order to tune any Sql statement which is consuming lot of resources ,like as we have the "schedule tuning advisor" in Oracle 11g under Performance Tab--Top Activity--Select Query (and we see it at the top right corner).

if we have any such option, can someone please guide us to approach such an option of tuning advisor for query tuning.

Please do let us know in case we need to have any pre-requisites(Extra licensing .if so which license) for the above task.

Thank You !!