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Can we store value in apex for an user session

user8857882 Member Posts: 17 Blue Ribbon
edited Aug 14, 2021 10:02AM in APEX Discussions

Hi all i am trying to build something in APEX where some values i would like to store till the user session is valid. Has anyone tried this?


  • jariola
    jariola Member Posts: 10,735 Silver Crown

    Maybe you explain in details your requirement.

    Storing e.g. page and application item values to user session is basic APEX features. Items values are preserved till APEX session is active if you like. Or you can change or clear values during APEX session.

    Scott Wesley
  • InoL
    InoL Member Posts: 9,802 Gold Crown

    What do you mean by "till the user session is valid"? Before successful login? What kind of values do you need before login?