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Oracle Apex PL/SQL Dynamic Content issue

Jasper Tanglib
Jasper Tanglib Member Posts: 74 Red Ribbon


In Oracle APEX 20.2, I have 2 parent regions, named Group and Ungroup, that uses type PL/SQL Dynamic Content. In the code, I used APEX's collapsible feature by copying the classes needed. Next, I created 2 buttons on a separate region, called Group and Ungroup, with Dynamic Actions. The Group button will show parent region Group and hide parent region Ungroup, while the Ungroup button will show region Ungroup and hide region Group.

The problem is, when I click Group button, it successfully shows parent region Group and hides parent region Ungroup, but when I click Ungroup button, it successfully hides parent region Group but fails to show parent region Ungroup.

After hours of testing and investigation, I found out that it could be caused by the same APEX collapsible classes I used in my code for the 2 parent regions. It seems the parent region Ungroup, is treated as a child region of parent region Group (even though Ungroup region is already a parent), and that's what's stopping the Ungroup region to be shown when I click Ungroup button.

Is there a way to avoid making Ungroup region be a child of Group region but still being able to the same APEX collapsible classes?

My last resort might be that I will no longer use the APEX classes for the Ungroup region.

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!



  • fac586
    fac586 Senior Technical Architect Member Posts: 20,937 Red Diamond

    There is nothing here that allows us to help you. Without knowing exactly what you have done we are unable to identify the problem, let alone provide a solution.

    You would have made better use of your time by demonstrating the issue in a shared workspace on so we could actually see it.

    Why use PL/SQL Dynamic Content regions? They are very rarely necessary.

  • Jasper Tanglib
    Jasper Tanglib Member Posts: 74 Red Ribbon

    I'll take that into consideration (creating a shared workspace) next time in the future. For now, I separated the other region to be displayed in another page as a workaround.

    The requirement was, for every time Table A has data, it should auto display those data, and I could do that through simple table reports, but I had to use PL/SQL Dynamic Content regions because the requirement had this specific UI I had to achieve.

    After being able to customize the specific UI, and create a button that will redirect to another page, in PL/SQL Dynamic Content, I now have to create a Delete button which is in this separate issue

  • fac586
    fac586 Senior Technical Architect Member Posts: 20,937 Red Diamond

    Let's forget about there being "separate issues" and deal with the whole problem, starting from scratch.

    What is the "specific UI" that must be achieved?

    Can you describe it and/or illustrate it with some formatted text, a diagram, or a simple mock-up on