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Two small issues with SQL Developer Data Modeller


These two issues have now been around for a while, any advice on if I need to act differently or if they are bugs that need addressing:

(i) if you wish to name relationships in IE notation, you are required to add a label to both ends (name on target and name on source). I prefer naming in only one direction (1 -> M). If you only add one name it does not appear, you must add a space in the other name to have labels appear.

Name on only one end the other empty:

One end named, with a space added at the other end:

(ii) If this model is then engineered to a Relational Model, the first time it is engineered superid is reverted to the SQL Dev Data Modeller standard name of empid1, despite it having been renamed:

If you immediately re-engineer it (no settings changed) the renamed attribute name is used:

This is with SQL Developer Version although they have been the case for some time.

Thanks for any advice