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The Essentials of Cloud Observability Custom Logs Not Functioning

User_P0LLX Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
edited Aug 20, 2021 3:19PM in LiveLabs Discussions

My company is transitioning to OCI. As a Systems Engineer, I am responsible for developing requirements, and implementing a logging system for SOX compliance. I am looking for training and workshops that will lead me to real world scenarios and best practices.

I found this "The Essentials of Cloud Observability -> Export Log Data to Object Storage Workshop" (Author - Randall Barnes, Solution Architect, OCI Observability Team, Last Updated Date - November, 2020 at The Essentials of Cloud Observability | Introduction (

I followed the instructions verbatim, and implemented it in my free tier. However, it seems that Custom Logs are not populating (Service Logs do work, and the bucket is populated). This is based on the syslog of the VM created in the same lab. Also, I cannot ssh to the VM. I suspect that a configuration is missing somewhere.

Also, the lab 5, Step 2 refers to "Learn More" for links on getting started with advanced configurations. However, that section is empty.

I appreciate any pointers to isolate the errors in configuration.