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Linux hangs while starting GRID infrastructure


I have 12.1 GI and DB, which is in NOARCHIVELOG mode. While trying to do backup on mounted database, accidentally backup files were written into $ORACLE_HOME/dbs.

This cause local disk to be full and system has been restarted, since then when system is starting OS hangs while starting CRS.

There is no error in log, I have also checked ASM disk headers with kfed, nothing suspicious.

Can you please suggest any idea?

Best Regards


  • Erekle Mamulashvili
    Erekle Mamulashvili Member Posts: 4 Blue Ribbon

    One thing I have found is ASM alert log:


    NOTE: crash recovery of group DATA01 will recover thread=1 ckpt=4925.5772 domain=1 inc#=0 instnum=1

    Mon Aug 30 22:24:30 2021

    Warning: VKTM detected a time drift.

    Time drifts can result in an unexpected behavior such as time-outs. Please check trace file for more details.


    After this line system hangs