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Probably Wrong Forum but, if so, Would Appreciate Direction - Jetty Configuration Question

Joe Upshaw
Joe Upshaw Member Posts: 978 Silver Badge
edited Sep 9, 2021 10:29AM in APEX Discussions

As a part of our APEX (20.2) and ORDS ( upgrades, we are switching to the standalone jetty server. We are able to serve videos that are placed on the server at a location specified by "--doc-root" parameter. For example,

java -jar ords.war standalone --doc-root /u01/app/oracle/product/ords/custom/instructional/videos

This is working fine. However, the videos are already housed on a different server. So, currently, there is a manual process to copy them from the other server to the ORDS server. What we'd really like is to have, though, is a "virtual directory" for Jetty that causes a local path to automatically redirect to the other server. (Kind of like this for Apache

Browser <=> Jetty/ORDS Server <=> Virtual Directory <=> Video Server

Does anyone have any steps (or documentation links) for doing this under Jetty? (or is there a more appropriate Oracle forum for this question?)