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Why APEX.XML file is not created under /opt/oracle/ords/config/ords/conf when deploying ORDS 21.2?

Using APEX 21.1 and ORDS 21.2 in a new Oracle Database XE 18c fresh install.

APEX 21.1 installed normally as usual. But after installed ORDS, got error '404 not found' when trying to access url http://<host>:<port>/ords.

Watching at /opt/oracle/ords/config/ords/conf, only present APEX_PU.XML file which contains user ORDS_PUBLIC_USER and password.

APEX.XML file was not present so not created with ORDS installation.

Fixed just copying APEX_PU.XML as APEX.XML and then changing user ORDS_PUBLIC_USER as APEX_PUBLIC_USER. Maintain encrypted password as you passed it in installation.

Starting again ORDS, or container, will not longer get error "404 not found" and apex starts login as usual.