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MySQL open-source code for error code 1677

user6108784 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I am getting error from MySQL5.7 on target replica node when data is being inserted on it's table. This environment is setup for row-based replication. The error message is after altering schema to just increase column length from varchar(4) to varchar(10) which was only done on source DB's table and not the target DB. Further I looked at the MySQL open-source code available for all as per git link But I am not able to find which exact piece of code is responsible of this functionality that will throw below error message: -

 [ERROR] XXXXX SQL: Column 1 of table '' cannot be converted from type 'varchar(40(bytes))' to type 'varchar(16(bytes) utf8mb4)', Error_code: 1677


Please let me know which piece of code is responsible for this functionality and error message?

 Appreciate any pointers.