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Why does the portait selection within window.print() cause page items to change?

APEX_DOUCE Member Posts: 39 Green Ribbon
edited Sep 16, 2021 3:07PM in APEX Discussions

I have a static page with a few form items in it.

I have added a "Print PDF" button that calls the window.print() function.

When that button is selected and the screen for print appears each form item is stretched across the page instead of how it is formatted for the webpage.

How can I make it so when the "Print PDF" button is selected what is seen on the webpage will be resized to fit a standard letter size page without the form items filling their own "row" on the print preview page?

Within the window.print() function selecting landscape has the page looking more like it should but changing the layout selection to portrait reconfigures each page items to stretch across the page.

I hope that makes sense.

I am using APEX 20.1. Sorry I can't provide screenshots or a link. This app resides within a secure environment.

Thank you,