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How to use Oracle JET tag <oj-input-date-time> with Oracle Apex 21.1?


I am new to Apex and trying to Work with Oracle JET element on it.I tried to just use the OJET HTML tag elements without importing any of the JavaScript libraries as Oracle Apex has OJET elements already installed on it. I am trying to use the Oracle JET tag <oj-input-date-time>, but whenever i run only the HTML tag nothing is shown for where the tag is present.I tried using requirejs to import the libraries and passed these 2 file URLs.



When I tried to implement it I got the following:

When i pressed the datepicker I got the date picker and time picker options but when i selected any value nothing was being populated in the datetimepicker field. and the timepicker could not be selected. I want the output to be as in the cookbook

Could someone please help me out by telling how to resolve the issue?

Thank you,

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  • The short answer is, don't do that. :-)

    Is there a specific reason that you aren't using the built-in date/time pickers from APEX itself and instead are trying to get a JET component working? APEX uses JET for all of it's Charts, but it does a lot more to ensure the server-side (database side in the case of APEX) works properly with a client-side toolkit like JET.

    If you don't need to specifically use a JET UI component over the ones provided by APEX, I would not. If there is a good reason to do it, I would reach out to the APEX team on their Forum and see what guidance they can provide.

    It's not as easy as just dropping the JET custom element into the HTML in APEX.

  • User_D0FGF
    User_D0FGF Posts: 4 Employee

    The main reason I am planning to use a JET component is that according to the requirement we need to make a form which will be generated dynamically depending on the table name provided in the previous page so for that all the form elements are generated dynamically using dynamic PL/SQL and some tables have datetimepicker as a form item. I tried using javascript to make the datetimepicker by setting the format mask but that was not working so using Oracle JET elements seemed to be the only option.

    Could you please tell me if there any other ways to satisfy this requirement? If not could you please send the Apex forum link as I am not sure which it is.


  • John 'JB' Brock-Oracle
    John 'JB' Brock-Oracle Posts: 2,878 Employee
    Answer ✓

    This is the link to the APEX discussion forums.

    This is there main resources page which provides links to a lot of different places to get help.