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WLS Eclipse plugin overwrites source lookup path each time on publish

User_6L523 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Sep 21, 2021 3:19PM in Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

I'm using quite a big ear project with about 20 subprojects.

When debugging the application and a breakpoint is being hit it takes about 1 minute until the editor highlights the current line of code. This happens only the first time a breakpoint is hit. After that the debugger behaves normally.

Reason seems to that all referenced libraries are included in the source lookup path which is quite a huge number (about 300 libs).

As a workaround I remove the "Default" entry from the source lookup path and than manually add all 20 subprojects. Doing this, the editor is highlighted immediately on a breakpoint.

Problem is that source lookup path gets overwritten with the "Default" entry each time I publish the application.

Is there any way to prevent source lookup path is being overwritten on publish?

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