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APEX Tree region Escape Special Characters

User_YX708 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Sep 22, 2021 11:52AM in APEX Discussions

I´m trying to make the text of the results in my tree bold, but only if they match a specific contidion, so in the sql query i tried this two option in the select statment :

'<div class="TFLBOLD">'||A.NAME||' - Nivel - '||level||'</div>'

'<b>'||A.NAME||' - Nivel - '||level||'</b>'

On the first one i was trying to create a class to assign bold style in the css page.

I already marked the option "Escape Special Characters" as "No" but it still doesn't put the text in bold and it looks like this:

There is any problem or bug with this option on a Tree region Type?

Note: In other types of region the option works fine!

I'll put the tree code attached!