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Apex submit-refresh issue

SGBUS1 Member Posts: 13 Red Ribbon
edited Sep 29, 2021 2:28PM in APEX Discussions

Can anyone tell me if its possible to submit a form page without a full page refresh. This is possible with Interactive Grid (via the default 'save' action) but for some reason it doen't look like it can be done for a form.

The page property related to this (which maps to the apex.submit parameter) is 'Reload on Submit' and has two values 'Always' and 'Only for Success' (default).

Since 5.1 the submit process is done via AJAX and for 'Only for Success' I believe that behind the scenes the AJAX 'error' return property must be mapped to a function that uses apex.message to show the error messages (and 'Always' uses server side APEX_ERROR in the same way as prior to version 5.1).

So what I'm looking for (and what surely is missing) is something that would resemble a 3rd option for 'Reload on Submit' of 'Never' which behind the scenes would map an additional function to the AJAX 'success' return property to use apex.message to show the success notification (which is probably what the IG 'save' action does).

Of course could manually call AJAX with my own submit process but that would then bypass all the server side processes and validations.

Currently using version 20.1