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Oracle 18c XE installation error

I have installed oracle 18c XE on my device and then deleted it. I followed every single step to completely uninstall the database from my device. Now when I am trying to reinstall the database it shows the error "The wizard was interrupted before the installation could be completed. The system has not been modified." Please help me sorting out the issue.


  • Hi,

    It might be due to other installations (windows updates, etc) that have been in process on your machine.

    Can you please try rebooting your computer?

    Also please go through these issues and make sure you are not affected by them:

    1) Is ORACLE_HOME or TNS_ADMIN set in the environment? Go to a command prompt, type "set". You will need to temporarily unset any such environment variables.

    2) Are you using Windows 10 Home Edition? It is not supported and the installer is not properly checking for it in the Prerequisite check.

    3) Are you using Server 2019? Same issue.

    4) On your network adapter that you are using, check (enable) "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

    5) Check to see if Netbios is enabled on your network connection:

    See this link for more info:

    6) In some cases, antivirus has interfered with an installation. Try disabling anti-virus and then installing.

    7) Try creating a local user and adding to local administrator group and then log in and install as that user.