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uncontrolled FRA growth

Hi there. I have an Oracle 12c instance called external, which is in a cluster of 2 nodes. The storage is on a disk group with ASM

A couple of days ago (it has not finished yet), a batch process of mass insertion of records is being executed, so the instance is growing in data volume

the area defined for the FRA of the external instance was 75GB by default. and as the batch process runs, the limit has been reached, for which as a solution, I have been increasing the space (currently it is at 200GB)

on the other hand, the retention policy for archivelogs, which was in 14 days, I reduced it to 7 days, this in order to be able to backup the archivelog and free up the occupied space.

the capacity of the ASM disk is still far from full (34% left), but I don't know when the mass insertion process will finis

My problem is that when performing the archivelog crosscheck all, the archivelog records are validated (7 days) but it does not mark as obsolete or as expired the days before that date range and there is nothing that can be deleted.

A while ago, a colleague deleted the archivelog from the asm, which caused all the FRA records to point to null .. but this does not solve the problem and the oracle thinks that the FRA is at the top of its capacity .

Is it possible to do something so that the FRA remains in its real size for use?

thanks in advance

Luis Fabres



  • JohnWatson2
    JohnWatson2 Member Posts: 4,328 Silver Crown

    backup as compressed backupset archivelog all format '/somewhere/that/isn't/the/FRA_%u.bset' delete all input;

  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,529 Gold Crown

    Deleting the archivelogs (or backups, for that matter) outside of the control of rman will free up space _on the disk_, but it bypasses the bookkeeping of the FRA space, so oracle still thinks the space is used. You need to follow up with:

    rman>  crosscheck backup all;
    rman> crosscheck archivelog all;

    The above will compare this list of backups or archivelogs recorded in the repository with what is actually on disk. Any files found to have gone missing will be marked as 'expired';

    Then follow up with

    rman> delete expired backup all;
    rman> delete expired archivelog all;

    These commands will delete the expired records from the repository, and make any necessary adjustments to the bookkeeping of FRA space.