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Receiving 500 Internal Server Error after passing one row of values through a POST API

Ankan Chanda
Ankan Chanda Member Posts: 29 Green Ribbon

Hi team,

I have been receiving a 500 internal server error after passing a row of values through a POST REST API (through POSTMAN) in Oracle APEX. There are a total of 10 attributes in which one attribute is the primary key with auto-increment factor( adding up a trigger and a sequence) another attribute also possess the auto-increment factor as well. So, using Restful Services of APEX I have given the base name, template name, provided the PL/SQL script and also binded the values with its variables in the tool itself.

After making the API, we passed one row of values which got placed inside the table without any errors but after that the error, 500 Internal Server Error is being displayed. Please recommend the steps needed to sort this issue.

Thanks and Regards