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reg: dataguard setup in 19c

HI All,

We have two dbs in prod env in 19c.

Details below:

Size of two dbs: 400 GB, 400 GB both

IN POC env we have two dbs size: 100 GB both

We need to install Dataguard setup in prod env, is will do dataguard setup using backup based or Active dataguard setup.

please share the documentation which we can follow to install dataguard on prod env to install correctly.

Also DB parameters for above dbs sizes how much we have to keep:-

like, below parameters how much we have to setup in SPfile which should be recommended by oracle in above db sizes: 400 GB both in prod env, so that we should not get any memory issue later.

sga_target ,pga_aggregate_target,log_buffer,db_recovery_file_dest_size,open_cursors, job_queue_processes, processes, sessions, undo_retention