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af:convertDateTime does not convert timezone

Moh.Sayed Member Posts: 36 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 3, 2021 2:26PM in JDeveloper and ADF

My ADF application reads Date fields from database into oracle.jbo.domain.Date

during the reading from jdbc , timeZone of GMT+3 (timeZone of the vm) is being used

for one of the Fields, I want to display it in different timezone so I defined the required timezone in the af:ConvertDateTime as below. but nothing is happening and the time is displayed in GMT+3 without any change.

this is the definition of my date filed in jsff

            <af:inputDate value="#{bindings.ActionDate.inputValue}"




                   shortDesc="#{bindings.ActionDate.hints.tooltip}" id="id2">

              <f:validator binding="#{bindings.ActionDate.validator}"/>

              <af:convertDateTime pattern="dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm" timeZone="America/Los_Angeles"/>


one more thing, I displayed the same date field in two different displays each with different timezone defined in af:ConvertDateTime, and found that same time is displayed with no change.

timezone is NOT configured in trinidad-config.xml

  • When I added Z to the pattern to be "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm Z" I found the timezone name is displayed correctly beside the date, but the time still incorrect.

for example : Date in Database is 28-10-2021 17:30 ( this supposed to be in GMT+3)

this is displayed as 28-10-2021 17:30 (UTC-08:00) Los Angeles - Pacific Time (PT)

So the conversion just change the timeZone name but does not convert the time.