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How to enter binds in Oracle PL/SQL for VS Code?

Recently started using the Oracle PL/SQL extension for VS Code. To execute the querry I use Ctrl+R and the result is displayed. But in this particular querry I have to input the binds. Unlike Toad for oracle or Oracle SQL Developer, VS Code does not let me enter binds and since it does not let me enter the binds, it gives me the following error

ORA-01008: not all variables bound

How can I rectify this small problem? How can I input my binds in VS Code?

A small part of the querry I wanted to run is shown below.

SELECT ces.event_seq_num,
  1 causality_exists
FROM case_event_assess ces
WHERE ces.case_id           = :case_id
AND ces.prod_seq_num        = :dummy1
AND ces.license_id          = 0
AND ces.datasheet_id        = 0
AND ( ces.rpt_causality_id IS NOT NULL
OR ces.det_causality_id    IS NOT NULL
OR ces.PRT_causality_id    IS NOT NULL)

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