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plsql code compilation issues

0614 Member Posts: 121 Red Ribbon

Hi Oracle folks,

Application dependent on oracle DB completely and there are more highly accessed packages and procedures.

when we alter the table or object of the underlying packages gets invalid needs to recompile.

The application continuously accessing these objects so not able to compile and getting DB hung and even getting application transaction loss.

Please do the needful and suggest any other way to deploy highly accessed objects



  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 5,789 Silver Crown

    Run ALTER TABLE commands only during maintenance windows when the applications aren't running.

  • Mustafa_KALAYCI
    Mustafa_KALAYCI Member Posts: 3,368 Bronze Crown

    that is how Oracle works. if just a recompile will make your code VALID then no need to worry. when that plsql object is called for the first time after it's invalidation, Oracle will first try to recompile it and if it is a success users won't get any error and job will be done.

    if recompiling is not enough after your table change and some plsql objects must be replace with some new codes (for example; you drop a column and plsql object is using that column somehow) then you might want to look at EDITIONS which might help you with your problem.