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OCI OBJECTSTORAGE REST API's filter conditions

From the REST API's like list object I can able to get the details of objects in objectStorage. but when I try to put query parameters like below allowed values are not giving results. how to pass those filtration in REST API

  • name
  • size
  • etag
  • timeCreated
  • md5
  • timeModified
  • storageTier
  • archivalState

LIST object : GET /n/{namespaceName}/b/{bucketName}/o ==> this giving results but when i tried to put query value like

GET /n/{namespaceName}/b/{bucketName}/o?name=success.xsd i.e I want get the details of SUCCESS.xsd it's again retrun the all the objjects details.

Can some one help me on how to pass those valeus in REST API