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SQLcl apex export split problem

Andrey Dokuchaev
Andrey Dokuchaev Member Posts: 87 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 28, 2021 12:48PM in SQLcl


If your application page number has more than 5 digit then "-split" option produce not page_NNNNN.sql file, but page_NNNNN_XXX.sql where XXX just some ORDER BY suffix. Therefore, the same page may be sliced to different result files (comparing to previous run).

For example:

1) You have only pages 100001 and 100005. Result: page_10000_001.sql for page 100001, page_10000_002.sql for page 100005 (for example, I don't remeber exact file names);

2) You have added page 100002. Result: page_10000_001.sql for 100001, page_10000_002.sql for page 100002 and page_10000_003.sql for page 100005.

This "feature" ruins possibility of correct APEX-Git (and any other versioning system) binding. Is there a way for "-slice" option to always save APEX page into .sql file with static name (based only on page number)?