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Interactive Report and Show Hide Columns

Dave Oz
Dave Oz Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon

User wants a radiogroup across the top of an IR and based on the choice they make in the radio group they want the columns displayed in the report to change. This would be similar to how a user saves their own private reports with the layout they desire.

For example, across the top of an IR there are 2 choices provided in the radiogroup displayed as a pill box - choice TN and choice AR. The report initially loads with columns FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, PhoneNumber, and State.

When they click "TN" the data refreshes and only records with state = TN are displayed. Likewise, when they click AR the data refreshes and only records with state = AR are displayed.

The request is that when AR is selected, in addition to only seeing State = AR records, only the LastName and PhoneNumber should be displayed.

The report data is refreshing because I have a dynamic action on the Change of the radiogroup that executes a True action of Submit page.

Is this possible within my current design, or is a separate report layout needed?

APEX 18.2