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Error when displaying numeric fields on classic report of Apex

Roopa Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


I am trying to create a classic report on a view which consists of numeric fields. But I am having an issue when the report is run.

Following error is displayed.

report error:
ORA-01843: not a valid month

Please help.





  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 5,812 Silver Crown

    This looks like an error from a TO_DATE() conversion.

    Check your VIEW. Make sure every call for TO_DATE defines a date format. And make sure it isn't doing something like TO_DATE( TO_CHAR()) on a DATE field.

    Check the SQL APEX uses (debug logs) to ensure APEX is not adding the TO_DATE() for you.

  • Roopa
    Roopa Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Dear Mike

    Thank you for helping.

    I have checked. The view does not output any date. The view in fact cumulates the number of days a person has worked and calculates the payment due based on the number of days. The base table of the view contains the dates the person has worked and the payment is a calculated field.

    I have drilled down the select statement and found out that the payment column is triggering this error.

    I have checked the debug logs. TO_DATE() is not added.

    The view works fine with Toad, SQL Developer even with Forms and Reports.


  • Michael K.
    Michael K. Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon

    The to_date prodcing the error could also be int he where/group by/order-clause

    If the SQL works in other tools, different NLS-settings Try using 3rd-pararemter NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE to enforce the NLS_setting you intend to use.