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mimic netbeans IDE feature---group tabs in rows for SQL worksheet



  • user7091240
    user7091240 Member Posts: 49 Green Ribbon
    edited Oct 19, 2021 6:46PM

    Applications that are based on the NetBeans Platform will automatically inherit this behavior too, if they are document-centric NetBeans Platform applications.

  • User_2DKLA
    User_2DKLA Member Posts: 19 Green Ribbon
    edited Oct 20, 2021 4:53PM


    [...] at the end of SQL developer bar of tab heads [...] The down arrow icon provides a method to view all tabs and user can click to switch to one.

    But it is not a direct way, needs extra time and effort, slows down, disturbs, or even shifts away user's line of thought , thus not a very good user UI design.

    Surprisingly few users seem to have heard of the [EDIT] Ctrl + Tab keyboard shortcut, which enables to quickly circle through recently-used tabs.

    This is mostly useful to switch between a handful of recently-used tabs—perhaps less so to navigate among hundreds of tabs, if you need to do that when developing a very large project.

    Just my 2 cents...


    [EDIT: of course, it's Ctrl+Tab, not Shift + Tab as originally posted. But I use it so often that the labels on these keys are almost gone now 😉]

  • user7091240
    user7091240 Member Posts: 49 Green Ribbon
    edited Oct 20, 2021 9:32PM

    Thanks for the trick.

    It is like flash back and forth among recent used/modified tabs.

    Mine is like digging deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole, the tabs are logically related in some order.

    All details need to be aligned with tabs in logic order, and flashing does not help much here, if it does not shift or distort the long and agile line of the thought.

    The PL/SQL procedure names and/or package names usualy reflect the complex business logic and are long, thus make it not so useful to rename the tabs to let more tabs fit into one screen without sliding or clicking on the LEFT/RIGHT arrow.

  • user7091240
    user7091240 Member Posts: 49 Green Ribbon

    I got one SQL developer popup message which shows:

    Externally Modified Files

    Package Body xxx has been modified outside Jdeveloper. Do you want to reload?