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PBCS - Using runtime prompts variables with Data Management

User_A7ZVD Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon

Hello 🙂

I am working with EPM Cloud Planning (version 21.10.67).

I would like to use runtime prompts values with Data Management but I read on this website that runtime prompts are not supported when executing Data Management with version 18.06

Do you know if there have been some updates regarding that ?

If not, do you know if it is possible, when importing data with data management, to ask the user to enter custom values ? I have created a business rule to load data that use variables I have created with the variable designer (DM_Year and DM_Period).

I would like to ask the user to enter manually this two values before importing data. Is it possible ?




  • User_A7ZVD
    User_A7ZVD Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon
    edited Oct 21, 2021 9:31AM

    For information, my business rule is :

    And I have applied it in data management on a data load rule

    I have entered these values for my rtp

    But when importing my data, it does not seem the values are taken into account according to my log