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please help me with a pl/sql function to pass date format in UTC returning it in UK local time

RoderickTFD Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited Oct 22, 2021 2:52PM in General Database Discussions

"new_time" already existing function would have been useful but seems only to work for USA time zones

must be having a mental block around this; must be obvious! should probably convert to timestamp somehow and back to date but cannot get it to work

so e.g.

function passing a UTC date format value and return in UK local time also in date format

e.g. passing 13:00 01 june 2022 would return 14:00 01 june 2022 ( because of course this is when we are BST British Summer Time)

whereas passing 13:00 01 dec 2022 would return 13:00 01 dec 2022 ( same time because of course this is when we have reverted to GMT or UTC not BST).

need this specifically to pass in/return DATE formats because of this legacy application we have