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Persistent oj-input-date DOM Elements

ZacD Member Posts: 177 Blue Ribbon
edited Oct 21, 2021 9:24PM in Oracle JET


We are running JET 9.2. When navigating to a page with oj-input-date components, JET is adding an .oj-datepicker-popup div for each input.

When I navigate away from that screen, these DOM elements persist. If I then navigate back to the same screen, JET is inserting new DOM elements.

I've been reviewing some memory leak issues in our application and it seems like these persistent DOM elements may be a source of leaks.

Has anyone seen this issue before and if so, how did you handle it? Is there a good method to clean these extraneous DOM elements up? Is this fixed in later versions of JET? I don't see us upgrading to a newer version in the immediate future, but this might be reason enough to start the process if I can definitively say this is a cause.

Jesús Ramón M