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worksheet text goes invisible randomly

user3530655 Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon


recently in worksheet as I type sql statement text goes invisible.

For example I typed "select 1 from dual" run it and then want to change query. And suddenly text goes invisible like this

Only way I found to "refresh" worksheet is to hit select all Ctrl+A to force sql developer to display text again.

Not long ago I executed "Reset Windows to facotry settings" and I suspect that that caused this convenience.

Oracle SQL Developer

 Java(TM) Platform   1.8.0_291

Regards T

Best Answer

  • user3530655
    user3530655 Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon
    Accepted Answer


    As I promised feedback.

    I cannot locate main culprit, might be "Reset Windows to factory settings".

    Nothing helped, changing font, choosing fixed width. SQLDev was slow, unresponsive, could not show objects DDL…pain.

    Radical measure: go to c:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\

    Find folder “SQL Developer” and delete specific version. Repeat this in folder “sqldeveloper”.

    Restart SQLDev, transfer preferences from previous version…and it worked,