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Table Accessibility Issue?

Nathan Zentner
Nathan Zentner Member Posts: 21 Green Ribbon

I'm using NVDA Speech viewer to identify accessibility functionality. When I use OOTB table, and am arrowing up and down, it is printing the row 3 times. The image below is from the Cookbook.

I also want to pronounce the data in the whole row. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?


  • Does it actually read that out three times, or just show it three times in the dialog?

    It appears to be saying even it's own strings twice. Or is "NVDA Speech Viewer" something you have in your table?

  • Nathan Zentner
    Nathan Zentner Member Posts: 21 Green Ribbon

    It does read out 3 times when I move the arrow down to a new row. The duplicate "NVDA Speech Viewer" is only because I had to get a screen shot of it and mousing over the "Speech Viewer", actually mousing over anything will print and also voice it out, which gave me the doubled "NVDA Speech Viewer" rows.

  • The more I look into this, the less I have in the way of a solution for you Nathan. We can only code the standard and that should enable the AT to work with our pages. I've never seen or used the Speech Viewer before, but I don't see anything in the JET code that would change to make a difference in this area. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.