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How to find all references to code/page from within App Builder

jnovak3m Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon


I'm relatively new to Oracle APEX and I have been tasked to make some changes/updates to an APEX application for my client. There appear to be pages/code built for some of the tasks I'm looking for but I'm trying to find out, within the code, where this page(s) are being referenced.

I tried using the search tool but I'm not certain if that goes through all pages of code or watch exactly it's searching on. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




  • Scott Wesley
    Scott Wesley Member Posts: 6,123 Gold Crown

    The application search certainly goes through all pages, and all other components, too. And when it finds a result, you can navigate directly to the relevant component.

    It's querying the APEX metadata tables such as apex_application_pages. A full list can be found by selecting from apex_dictionary.

    You can also export your application to an .sql file, and do a text search - but sometimes it's difficult to discern where exactly in the application it's used. If you export to zip, then a number of files are generated - this can make it easier to identify the relevant component that has that code snippet.