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Synchronize Columns do not work for REST Source Classic Report - potential bug!

ilmarsk Member Posts: 38 Red Ribbon


Apex; Listener 19.4.6.r1421859; Oracle 18c XE

Reporting a potential bug.

Setup: A page with classic report (value attribute pairs - column) with REST source. Added a column manually to REST Source. Clicked Synchronize Columns. No column was added.

However, the parameter (i.e. filter, value = PL/SQL Expression Language=SQL) was cleared out and set to NULL. NULL is a default value of a REST Source parameter. Though at the report page it was populated. This might be by design. However, I would expect the parameters not to be overwritten. I could see the other point too.

Also, I do see a new column added to a COLUMN parameter, but not the report columns. So, parameters get synchronized, but not actual report columns.

Thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately, I have not tested this on It might have been already fixed.

Workaround is to recreate the region.

Thank you.

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