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Report not displaying based on the static list selection

Pritam Das
Pritam Das Member Posts: 27 Green Ribbon

Hi Expert,

We are trying to display report based on static list for that we have created two item of static list, one for selecting module name and another one is object name which is based on the module name.

Let suppose if module name is AR then object name will be based on that module .

Now we have report which will display based on the object name selection,unfortunately that report is displaying based on the Object name.

Below is my SQL code

Module name query: select module_name,module_id "return" from abc_MODULES

Object name query: select object_name,object_id from abc_OBJECTS where module_id=:P6_NEW_1(Module name parameter)

Report query: select MODULE_ID,







 WHERE OBJECT_NAME=:P6_NEW_2(Object name paramter)