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Refreshing Gauge chart back to No Data Found

User_3XHVE Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Application Express

I have a Gauge chart being populated by

select 0 as min_rate, 15 as max_rate, round(avg( response_time_hours )) as hours from l_query 

I have start/end date page items and on their change I update state and refresh my Gauge chart. Everything works fine except the following edge case.

On page load there are no records so Avg returns '-' and the Guage says 'No Data Found'

(This is what I want)

I change the date range to pick up records. The Guage refreshes to show the correct Avg.

(This works fine. I can keep changing dates and the chart refreshes.)

When I change the date range back to reflect 0 records, the Gauge chart keeps its old data instead of reverting back to "No Data Found". It doesn't seem to refresh in this scenario.

I don't want the chart to read 0 when there is no data because that is incorrect data of 0.

I have tried apex.event.trigger( "#myRegionStaticID", "apexrefresh" );

I have tried disabling then re-enabling the chart before and after it's refresh hoping....

I would rather not reload the page.

Does anyone have experience with this case?