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How to validate input value in oracle fusion hcm?

Bishoy Talaat
Bishoy Talaat Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon
edited Nov 10, 2021 9:33AM in Oracle Help Technologies

I have a requirement to validate the user's input on weight field on goal screen before submitting.

I created sandbox and I am trying to add EL Expression to validate the input.

validation is : Input value to be multiple of 5

and show error message if the input is not multiple of 5.

the expression i use is :

 #{bindings.Weighting.inputValue mod 5 != 0 ? 'x': 'Y'} but i doesn't work fine.

Thanks in advance.


  • AnsuM
    AnsuM Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon
    edited May 2, 2022 6:42PM


    We have a similar requirement where I need to validate the value passed into the field is alphanumeric or not , if it is not alphanumeric display a message.

    Are you able to achieve above, if yes would you help here what expression did you use.