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Forms - Webutil File selection Dialogs extremely slow on LAN but FAST on WAN

terry.williams Member Posts: 3 Blue Ribbon

Webutil for forms file selection dialog when accessed from a local machine is extremely slow - It can take over 30 seconds to open a directory so trying to go 3 levels deep in a directory structure can be up to 2 minutes before you see the first file you may want to upload.

When accessing the same application from a different state 1500 miles away, the response is almost immediate. You can get through 3 levels of directory in a few seconds and upload a file to the DB immediately.

The application performs absolutely great from the remote location. but not the local network.

The entire development application Including 19c DB is running in a Virtualbox (latest version) with the Forms and reports installed with 32gig ram available and the network setup in virtualbox using bridged adapter and promiscuous mode ALL.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on what might cause this strange situation?