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Install Unique Package

da bears
da bears Member Posts: 9 Green Ribbon

Machine: GPU 3.1

Shape: Linux 8 GPU

Thank you to anyone who attempts to help. I've created an instance and logged into it. Before running the code, I have to install a handful of packages. Looking at several tutorials I take the following steps:

I) sudo dnf module install python39

II) sudo dnf install python39-pip

III) python3.9 -m install -r requirement.txt

We should be cooking with fire now(!) But one of the libraries (called "norse") is failing upon installation due to a PEP 500 error. Previously, I ran into issues with this library on another machine and had to install it on a virtual environment with the following code:

$ module load gcc-9.2

$ mkdir ~/envs

$ virtualenv3.9 ~/envs/norse

$ source ~/envs/norse/bin/activate

(norse) $ pip install -U norse

Unfortunately, I've tried to load gcc-9.2, but run into an error:

I'm looking for guidance. I believe that the right way to go about my issue is to create a virtual environment and download all of my packages there, but if there is another way then I'm all ears (my instance name [email protected] was not aptly chosen). Thank you again!


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