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REST data services URL format best practices?

Is there any documentation or recommended reading on how to create your REST Data Services URLs (URIs?) properly?

An Oracle consultant showed me how to make one service 3 years ago and I've used that enough to make a few more, but I feel like I'm creating a mess by not knowing the best strategy.

For example:

My standard I've been using is

domain_name /ords/schema_name/module_name/json/{myParam}

To get an employee record it would be something like

domain_name /ords/hr/emp/json/HT3232

But I read somewhere a while back that said there should be just one "emp" data service for many different requests. I know I can add GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE handlers, but am I restricted to one of each of those per service "module" (what it is called in SQL Developer)?

Can I make something like domain_name /ords/hr/emp/json/HT3232/supervisor to get the emp's supervisor's record? What should I know that I don't? 😁

I'm just looking for advice on a good read to learn best practices on this. Is it a book, Oracle doc, great web site?

I'm running Oracle REST Data Services 18.4.0.r3541002 and SQL Developer