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E mail Server

user563941 Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon

There is any email server that is sending and receiving email,like outlook or apex server itself like mail server


  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 5,947 Silver Crown
    • Outlook is an email client.
    • Exchange is an email server
    • IIRC it uses SQL Server to store messages
    • APEX is a RAD framework.
    • It uses Oracle DB to store data

    You seem to want to mix different technologies together and aren't very clear.

    Sending email requires a different protocol (SMTP) then checking your mail (IMAP/POP3).

    There are packages to send email from Oracle DB to an email server. Oracle acts like a client in this respect.

    There might be packages to check for a particular person's email using IMAP or POP3. Again, Oracle acts like a client in this respect.

    In order for the Oracle Database to act like a server, it needs to listen (via Listener) on certain ports and talk specific protocols.

    For HTTP(S), Oracle has the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway.

    The Listener does not know about SMTP. So, no. Oracle (by itself) can not be an email server.

    However, I believe some email servers (eg Sendmail) have plug-ins available to let them use Oracle as a storage method.

    From a security standpoint, other applications (eg APEX applications) should not have direct access to those tables.

    What is the Business Requirement you are trying to solve?

  • user563941
    user563941 Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon

    Same as an email client ( sending and receiving) ,

    Sending email and checking mail that received

    example , send email from [email protected] to [email protected]

    like outlook

  • InoL
    InoL Member Posts: 9,447 Gold Crown

    You APEX application can send emails via the database. APEX has an additional PL/SQL package to make it easier for you: APEX_MAIL.

    You can also define email templates in APEX Builder.

    However, the Oracle database has no standard functionality to receive emails. There are Java solutions available for that (just Google for it).

  • user563941
    user563941 Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon

    Thanking you...