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To upgrade Forms/Reports from to and migrating from OL7 to RHEL8

PrasadK87 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Source Environment:

node1: forms/reports on OL7 version

node2: metadata oracle db on OL7

Target Environment: As a weblogic cluster on node1 and node 2 on RHEL8 platform with version

node1: forms/reports on RHEL8 version

node2: forms/reports on RHEL8 version

node3: metadata oracle db on RHEL8

Per earlier updates from Oracle on the SR raised, we cannot move across platform from OL7 to RHEL8.

Also, it seems, there is no REPORTS component in binaries as reports is decomissioned in, in this case, should we first install directly on RHEL8 server and then upgrade it to on RHEL8 ???

Considering above points.. Kindly confirm, if below approach should work ?? OR we are safe to install forms/reports directly on RHEL8 ??

1.Install WebLogic Server version on the application nodes (node1 and node2).

2.Create database schemas by using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).

3.Install Oracle Forms and Reports on node1 and node2.

4.Create and configure the Forms and Reports domain on node1.

5.Conduct post-installation tasks on node1.

6.Use WebLogic pack and unpack commands to join node2 to the clustered domain on node1.

7.Conduct post-installation tasks on node2.

8.Configure Forms and Reports to use the HTTP server.

9.Then upgrade forms/reports to