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How can I set the column width of a column in a classic report?

user1.0 Member Posts: 81 Red Ribbon

I'm working in Apex 19.2.

I have a classic report that selects several columns with different data types. Right now all the columns are the same length. I would like to shrink some columns to save space on the page. For example, the Year column doesn't need to be _____________________ long. I only need 4 character length.

If I try to format the length in the query, like this:

    APEX_ITEM.TEXT(4,ACTIVE_YEAR,'style="border:none;width:32px" class="right-align" id="YEAR_'|| AMT_ACCUMULATOR_REF_NUMBER ||'"') ACTIVE_YEAR,

I get a not a number error just running the query.

I put this code in the HTML expression for the column:

<span style="display:block; width:32px">#ACTIVE_YEAR#</span>

and got the box to change size but the data entry field is the same length. It looks like this now.

I changed the cell width to match the size of the box:

It had no effect as you can see in the screen snippet.

So, how do i get the Active Year box AND the data entry field corresponding to that box to be the same size?