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Oracle Cloud - Egress bandwidth question

Hello all,

I have recently begun exploring Oracle Cloud's always free tier, and something caught me by surprise:

Under the metrics section of the cloud console, I noticed my single free tier instance is transmitting (I would assume it's cumulative sum?) a total of 80 trillion bytes, which is 80 TB worth of traffic. Yikes. The instance has nothing on it, just docker and a few tests.

When I changed the statistic to rate (assuming it's per second), for both hourly and daily intervals:

I get at maximum, on average 3500 bytes / second of egress. 3500 bytes * 720 * 60 * 60 = 9 gigabytes of bandwidth. Per the rate per second, the instance should've sent out abound 9 GB's worth in traffic in the last 30 days.

On the cost management page on the cloud console, the daily usage remains $0. (maybe it excluded bandwidth? I don't know):

Am I missing something here?? or did I made a huge grave mistake?

Another question: I noticed it removed by payment method after the trial has ended. What if always-free tier resources exceeds limits? Will it automatically stop?