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End users "Save filters for Faceted Filter/Search" ?

Paavo Member Posts: 684 Silver Badge

Apex 21.2

Is there easy way to enable save of "filters" for Faceted Search like there is for IR and Grid?

If not, what is the recommended approach?

rgrds Paavo

Best Answer

  • fac586
    fac586 Senior Technical Architect Member Posts: 20,336 Red Diamond
    edited Nov 22, 2021 11:52AM Accepted Answer

    I am unaware of anything specific or "easy".

    However, facet values can be referenced and set in session state in the same way as page items, and there is an APEX_APPL_PAGE_FILTERS metadata view which "Identifies Filters which are used within a Faceted Search or Smart Filters region".

    Combine that with a string representation/serialization of facet names and values (JSON?), some kind of naming convention, storing the results as user preferences, and you should have something workable.