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Unable to start SQLDeveloper on 32-bit Linux

tsangsir Member Posts: 445 Silver Badge

On 32-bit Linux, I was unable to start recent versions SQLDeveloper (e.g., 21.2.1). It displayed the splash screen than crash. Is SQLDeveloper supported on 32-bit Linux?

System Details - 

OS: Arch Linux 32

Kernel: 5.15.2/arch1-1.0

Java Version: openjdk 11.0.12 (also fail to start on jdk 8)

SQLDevelopr: 21.2.1

Main Error message:

[29.405s][warning][os,thread] Failed to start thread - pthread_create failed (EAGAIN) for attributes: stacksize: 102400k, guardsize: 0k, detached.

100MB stacksize seems very big to me. But I don't know whether it is for a single thread, or all threads together? My hard limit is unlimited anyway. 

(The machine is not able to access internet so it will be a bit inconvenient to post a full stack. I want to see if anyone know have experience first.)


Best Answer

  • User_H3J7U
    User_H3J7U Member Posts: 632 Silver Trophy
    Accepted Answer


    # The options for 32-bit Java VM's
    Add32VMOption -Xms128M
    Add32VMOption -Xmx800M


    AddVMOption -Xss100m

    Try to set -Xms256M, -Xmx1280M if you have enough RAM.

    Default limit of process memory on 32bit platform is 1.7GB.