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Modal popup out of modal popup .... bug in 21.2 ?

Māris Gabaliņš
Māris Gabaliņš Member Posts: 19 Red Ribbon
edited Dec 5, 2021 10:30AM in APEX Discussions


If I open popup page (button with defined OnDialogClosed event - action refresh) and from popup page open second popup page (again button with OnDialogClosed which has single action - Close dialog). Closing second page generates Javascript error (close of both dialogs expected).

Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

  at G.get (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:2)

  at G.access (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:2)

  at (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:2)

  at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:29)

  at Function.each (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:2)

  at S.fn.init.each (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:2)

  at S.fn.init.a.fn.<computed> [as dialog] (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:29)

  at Object.closeFunction (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:12)

  at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:12)

  at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (desktop_all.min.js?v=21.2.0:2)

So it seams, that some infinite loop is happening. IT worked under previous APEX (21.1).

Practical example of this would be Opening popup edit window, which has DELETE button opening confirmation window. When record is deleted both windows need to be closed.

So, is it bug, or I am doing somethin seriously wrong ?