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Windows Terminal: SQLCL 21.3 using statusbar causing issue for scroll

Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang Member Posts: 253 Bronze Badge

Hi All:

I am using Microsoft Terminal application to launch SQLCL.

My computer: Windows 10 64-bit (20H2)

Windows Terminal: 1.11.2921.0

SQLCL: 1.11.2921.0

if I enable statusbar by adding below lines in my login.sql, I will run into a weird issue related to scrolling. See below for further details:

set statusbar add editmode

set statusbar add txn

set statusbar add timing

set statusbar add cwd

The issue is: if I run a simple SELECT with generate many lines of output (for example few hundreds lines), in Windows Terminal, I can't use my mouse wheel to scroll up to see my output.

if I remove all above setting about statusbar from my login.sql, I don't have issue: I can use my mouse wheel to scroll up to see my output.

Also, if I set statusbar in my login.sql and use Window's Command Prompt application to launch SQLCL, I don't have any issue to scroll up to view the output.

Per my study, SQLCL's statusbar doesn't work well with Windows Terminal. I think Oracle SQLCL team can say "this is Windows terminal issue". But, given Windows Terminal is getting more popular (it is my go-to tool now) and I hope Oracle SQLCL team can fix this issue in future release.

Thank you!

Kevin (fan of SQLCL & Microsoft Terminal)