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[BUG] [Regression] Bad results Tab Behavior After VS Code 1.63 November Update

So, not sure where this lies if its the extension or VS Code but after the November update I'm seeing a strange behavior in terms of how the output tab works.

Screen Captures:

FIG 1 - Lets say from my connections i create a new scrap SQL file and create a query

FIG 2 - When I execute it a new tab opens with the result as expected

FIG 3 - It is possible for me then using visual studio code to arrange the tabs such that I have a split vertical or horizontal so I may see my code and results at once.

FIG 4 - However if I then go execute another query or the same one again my arrangement is revoked and the tab goes back to the place it began.

Prior to the 1.63 update this was not the case it would hold the layout each time I ran queries.