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ORACLE Text - using wordlist to build a "Did you mean?.." search feature

unficyp Member Posts: 197 Bronze Badge


using 19c Enterprise Edition and APEX 21.2.

We have some internal knowledge-database application which is searchable using Oracle Text, indexed column contains HTML text. People now voted for a "Did you mean? xyz" feature when they search for a word and the search has no result.

My idea was to use the wordlist generated by Oracle Text - to be precise the DR$xxx$I table and search that table using utl_match.edit_distance_similarity or jaro_winkler_similarity and return the best matching row (1 row only) to the user.

Problem: the text index contains the words for more than one "client" and the user is only allowed to see specific articles/clients. So i have to put the token_text from DR$xxx$I in some relationship to restrict access to words that are in other client-articles which the user has no access to.

  • Does Oracle Text support adding custom values to the wordlist when creating the wordlist ?
  • Does Oracle Text already have any similar feature?

thanks & regards